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The Best Streaming Services Available for your Smartphone

Streaming services have been around for about a decade now, and have completely revolutionised the way we consume all kinds of media. Using physical media devices like VHS and cassette tapes seems archaic today, and CDs and DVDs are not too far behind.

While just a generation ago, a Friday or Saturday night might have started with a trip to Blockbuster to choose which movie you would watch that night, this is now an alien concept.

Instead, we have instant access to almost all of the recorded entertainment ever produced by humans, ranging from recent blockbuster Hollywood movies, to amatuer documentaries produced by people at home. The possibilities are truly endless, and with the promise of 5G streaming?will become even better.

If you’re looking for a mobile-friendly streaming service, then at first you need to have a secure connection, consider a strong Internet Service Baltimore. As soon as a proper internet connection is built, here are some options that you can consider.


While some of the major streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have a great selection of documentaries, this is nothing compared to CuriosityStream.

With more than 3,000 different documentaries to choose from, you have a wide selection of options to choose from, covering just about every subject imaginable. There are more than 1,000 hours of video to watch on CuriosityStream including shows from famous scientists and presenters like Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough.

The platform was created by the founder of the Discovery Channel in 2015 and has since picked up more than 13 million subscribers worldwide.

It has a lot of licensed content that was originally produced for networks like the BBC, but it also produces its own original shows like The History of Food and David Attenborough’s Life On Earth.

CuriosityStream has apps for iOS and Android, as well as being available through your web browser and on Amazon Fire TV devices and Roku.

PokerStars TV

Poker first started appearing on our TV screens during the early 2000s, with broadcasts of the World Series of Poker. Since then it has become a very popular spectator sport, with fans hoping to learn techniques from some of the world’s greatest professional poker players.

Now it’s possible to follow the action from your phone thanks to PokerStars TV which is available on Android and Apple devices, as well as on YouTube. In addition to live events, it contains classic clips from past events, along with?player interviews and full-length TV shows.


British films and TV shows are known worldwide for their quality and unique comedy; shows like Dr Who and Downton Abbey are popular in many countries.

It’s no surprise then that two of the UK’s biggest TV broadcasters joined forces to bring more British content to audiences at home and abroad. For a monthly fee of around $6.99, you’ll get access to shows like Gavin & Stacey, Pride and Prejudice, Mrs. Brown’s Boys, Fawlty Towers, Prime Suspect, McMafia, and Cold Feet.

BritBox is available on Apple and Android devices through apps in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime was originally launched in 2002 in the UK and several other European countries. It started its operations as a distributor of DVDs through the mail, but launched a streaming service in 2010. It was later bought by Amazon, and has since been rebranded as Amazon Prime.

Amazon has invested a lot into its streaming service, with a range of licensed and original content made available. You’ll find an ever changing library of movies and TV shows to stream, and the opportunity to rent or buy titles that are not available for free.

In addition, Amazon Original content includes big names like The Man in the High Castle, The Grand Tour, and Mr Robot. You’ll also get faster deliveries on physical goods from Amazon with your subscription.

As you would expect, Amazon Prime is available on all Amazon devices as well as Android and Apple devices. Amazon Prime videos can now also be “cast” to a Google Chromecast as the long-running argument between the two companies was settled recently.