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Boost Up Your Lettering and Typography Design Skills

In the field of web design, many specialists prefer making text graphics in lettering apps. The advantage of using specialized software is enormous.

Taking into account that artistic headings are aimed at catching customers’ attention and representing the overall idea of the brand (purposes can be completely different), consumers can be up in arms and develop design trends by using Art Text 4 ?— a typography graphics application.


First Steps to Master Typography Design Techniques

When it comes to the choice of a reliable solution, it is always necessary to pay attention to how well it corresponds with the requirements of the system (in our case, Mac platform). This app doesn’t overload the system or make the other processes lag.

Apart from smooth installation, any user gets the opportunity to test this program beforehand. With the help of a free trial, it is as simple as ABC to check how functional and reliable Art Text is.

The interface is far from dull but intuitive in use. For instance, one of the cool features is the Spray Fill functionality allowing to create lettering designs filled with coffee beans, leaves, color balls, Lego pieces, and other objects, and it is accessible within one click.


Another benefit I adore about this tool is its mix of quality and speed of work. Unlike other advanced solutions like Adobe Photoshop that are known for their complexity, Art Text 4 will allow creating typography graphics of any difficulty with ease.

Wise Use of the Art Text 4 Functionality

Make experiments and use the offered features to the full extent. Since the interface is pretty simple in navigation, the learning curve won’t take too much time.

The practice is an inseparable part of success. Here are the couple of so-called design experiments I could do with the help of Art Text 4:

  • Bigger than bigger — large fonts are a simple option to catch customers’ attention to the text. In Art Text 4, there are numerous variations to help you make this effect more interesting. For instance, 2D shading will improve the design dramatically.
  • Contrasts in font sizes — if you use huge heading in the app, the rest of the text is better to stay small. Such text just should highlight the importance of the heading and show a visual hierarchy. Making such prominent headings is the simplest deal for designers using Art Text 4.
  • Layering with other elements — in most projects, text and other elements are separated from each other. The result of this technique can be quite cool! It also helps end-users focus on the words.
  • Gradient effect — it may be called the most underestimated design technique nowadays. This effect doesn’t influence words’ readability, and specialists can make an emphasis in the right place. The gradient looks modern and fresh and adds a little more visual intrigue than a single color.
  • Color palettes in cyberpunk style — futuristic themes, bright saturated colors, neon, and glitch — these are the hallmarks of cyberpunk in graphic design, and I follow this trend with Art Text 4.
  • Transform texts — what could be better than turning standard rectangular headings to wavy, slanted, and inflated ones of unique form? You can change the form of the heading with the help of geometry transformations
  • Volume effect — Depth gradient option in Art Text helps me to stylize 3D text as it was formed of different color straps. By creating a volume effect from lines, I can combine the rules of flat design and the freshness of 3D typography. In this perspective, objects look realistic but don’t overload the general website design.
  • Combination of different effects — I am capable of using 3D typography for printed documents, advertisement projects, websites, and logos. To note, the 3D text modeling engine is customizable and lets me achieve super realistic results. For example, I can take a classic background (mono-color themes, flat-designed pictures, etc.) and add a 3D object.
  • Stylization — I always support the idea of paying tribute to previous typography design trends, but it is not a bad thing to add breathiness and airiness to them. What I do is mixing different styles that are easy to recognize. The main thing is to let each trend be a meaningful part of the image. Shading materials and distortion effects work great in this case.

The list of opportunities can be enlarged significantly. When you use a basic set of features and then combine them, you can achieve incredible effects. This is what I like about Art Text 4 — it supports my brainstorming ideas and helps me find new ideas and solutions for my projects.

Wrap It Up

The design field is constantly developing and undergoing multiple changes and improvements. The task of any specialist is not just to follow modern trends but to stay on the wave of understanding the main principles of implementing various effects into a project.?

Having background knowledge and a solid backup in the form of advanced typography and lettering design software, you will be able to create new rules in the lettering design game.

Taking into account Art Text 4 doesn’t limit the area where the created graphics can be used (commercial purposes are possible as well), I consider this application a perfect way to turn your design hobby into a beneficial and profitable job.