Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Weigh-in Times

The weigh-ins for the State Jiu-Jitsu tournament will be on Friday and Saturday.  We will attempt to do weigh-ins for most of the day on Friday.  However, please call or email to schedule your time, if possible, because we have multiple press events to attend on Friday morning and evening.

We want to make this experience as easy for you as we can and don’t want to have anyone waiting, if there isn’t a need.  This is also a perfect time to register for your event and it will save us a lot of time on Saturday.

Saturday we will be registering from 7am to 10:30.  Please get there as early as possible because we do not want any delays and we want to start at exactly 12pm.

The event will start with the gi divisions first.  However, all competitors in gi and no-gi need to be ready to compete.

See you soon and contact Butch Hiles to schedule a time, if you need to.

Butch Hiles



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